Towpath Code                                       Share the Space , Drop Your Pace 

Follow the Canal and River Trust Greenway Code for Towpaths:

Share the Space, Drop your Pace asks everyone to follow The Greenway Code for Towpaths –10 points which encourages considerate, safe and courteous use of towpaths. 

The Greenway Code for Towpaths

Share the space 
consider other people and the local environment whenever you’re on a Greenway. Remember some people may move less predictably, for example young children or those with visual or mobility impairments.

Drop your pace 
considerate sharing of the limited towpath space is the key.  Jogging and cycling are welcome, but drop your pace in good time and let people know you are approaching by ringing a bell or politely calling out before waiting to pass slowly.

Pedestrians have priority
towpaths are ‘Greenways’ or shared use routes where pedestrians have priority and vehicles are generally excluded. 

Be courteous to others – A smile can go a long way. Abusive or threatening behaviour is not acceptable and should be reported to the Police.

Follow signs 
they are there for the safety of everyone. Cyclists should dismount where required and use common sense in busy or restricted areas, recognising that pedestrians have priority.

Give way to oncoming people beneath bridges
whether they are on foot or bike and be extra careful at bends and entrances where visibility is limited.

When travelling in large groups,
especially if you are running or cycling, please use common sense and give way to others.

Try to avoid wearing headphones 
as this makes you less aware of your surroundings possible hazards and others sharing the same space.

Keep dogs on a short lead 
and clean-up after them. Dog fouling is very unpleasant and is a health hazard.

At all times, keep children close to you 
and encourage them to learn and follow the Greenway Code for Towpaths.

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